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Listen! Radio ads do create demand.

How? Because radio truly is the "theatre of the mind." Radio uses voices, music and sound effects (sfx) to create moods and images that spark the imagination in very different ways than print or television ads do. Advertise on radio, and you have the opportunity to deliver a powerful message to a specific group of listeners. Radio stations know exactly who their audiences are, so if know who your target customer is, radio gives you the perfect opportunity to reach him/her. Find the station with your demographic, get a sales rep who will partner with you, and get ready to mine for gold. Another great thing about radio is that it's everywhere. At home, in the car, at the office, at the ballpark...wherever your customer is, radio isn't far away. And have you ever noticed how loyal radio listeners are to their stations? Seriously loyal. Bordering on fanatical loyal. Mention a popular radio station's call letters in a group of people and you will inevitably hear someone say "Oh, I listen to them all the time!" Radio stations are also strong on community involvement. Whether it's broadcasting a live remote at the grand opening of the new car dealership, or sponsoring a local charity event, no other medium touches listeners quite the same way radio does. In conclusion, here are a few quick facts about radio you can use to impress your friends and family. Radio's return on investment (ROI) is much higher (some studies say as high as 49%!) than television's ROI. Much of this can be attributed to the fact that television is much more expensive to produce and run than radio, so the money you spend to produce and run radio is much lower. 96% of people who drive or ride in a car use the radio. In-car radio listening averages two hours and 12 minutes weekdays, and two hours and five minutes on weekends. 43% of drivers leave their car radios set to one station. There are 5.6 radios per North American household. There are THOUSANDS registered radio stations in Canada You get the picture. Radio is everywhere! And if you want the most bang for your advertising buck, radio is still one of your best resources.

Here are a few samples of some we have created recently.

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